Cash Now Remotes, we buy key fobs

Would you like to know why we buy key fobs?

Because we want to extend their shelf life, avoid waste and help the environment. 

In pursuit of that purpose we offer you to buy your automotive key fobs at competitive prices so that everyone wins in this business.

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  • STEP 1: YOU Box up your Remotes

    To initiate the process, you send us your key fobs by boxing them up and using the provided free shipping label.

  • STEP 2: WE have received the key fobs.

    After the shipment arrives at our warehouse, we can begin the appraisal process for each individual remote to guarantee that you receive the fairest possible price.

  • STEP 3: Quality control

    In the next step, we conduct tests, inspect the condition, and categorize each key fob in the shipment. During this process, we assign a price to each key fob and calculate the total amount to determine the payment for the entire shipment.

  • STEP 4: Refurbished

    The key fobs undergo a thorough refurbishing process before being added to our inventory for sale.

  • STEP 5: Reuse

    After being added to the inventory, vehicle owners from all over the world can purchase the newly refurbished key fobs. These key fobs can be programmed to function with their respective vehicles.

Want to be part?

That concludes the reason why we purchase your unwanted key fobs - to assist vehicle owners worldwide in obtaining functional remotes at affordable prices, and to aid in preserving the environment by preventing used remotes from ending up in landfills.

Are you prepared to participate in this process?

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