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Our Promise.

Our business is based in Miami, Florida, and we are guided by the honest South values that define our work ethics. We are dedicated to building and nurturing enduring relationships with our business associates, and we take pride in delivering a straightforward, prompt, and equitable procedure that guarantees you obtain the highest value possible from your engagement with us.

What We Do

Our company's name speaks for itself -Cash Now Remotes. You may be wondering, "What do you actually do with these key fobs?" It's a valid question. Essentially, we renovate the remotes by cleaning and restoring them, testing their functionality, inserting batteries, and then providing them to the public, complete with programming instructions, at significantly lower prices compared to what dealerships charge. Our process is straightforward - we acquire them, refurbish them, and offer them for sale!

Who sells to Cash Now Remotes?

We primarily source our keyless entry remotes from dealerships, auctions, salvage yards, insurance companies, tow companies, and any other organizations that have access to significant volumes of these remotes. In fact, we have discovered that numerous individuals possess piles of key fobs that they are unaware are worth money. Hence, if you have them lying around, you can transform that unwanted clutter into cash with our assistance!


Ready to make some cash? Request your free shipping label* below, or give us a call today.

*exclusions apply on shipments with less than 10 key fobs