• Smart Keys

    High value remotes

  • Remotes Head & Flips

    Medium value remotes

  • Standard Key Fobs

    Normal value remotes

How We Set Prices

We Buy Key Fobs offers very competitive prices for your key fobs. Customers often ask us about our pricing, but it's challenging to provide an answer without examining the remote in person.

Our pricing is based on several factors that fluctuate daily, similar to the stock market. To give you an idea of our pricing methodology, here are some of the considerations we take into account when assessing the value of a remote:

1- Supply and demand - if a particular remote is scarce and has a high demand, its price will be higher. Conversely, if there is an oversupply of a remote and low demand, it will be priced lower.

2- Vehicle's year - usually, the newer the car, the higher the price paid for the remote.

3- Style of remote - we categorize our remotes into three groups:

  • Smart Key (highest price point)
  • Remote Head & Flip Key (second-highest price point)
  • Standard Key Fob (third-highest price point)

By considering these factors and others, we ensure that our pricing remains fair and competitive for both our customers and our business.

  • 1- Arrange your key fobs on a level surface, with the button side facing up, and group similar key fobs together.

    It's crucial to have clear photos of your key fobs as blurry images make appraisals difficult.

  • 2- Take a clear and focused photograph of your key fobs, like the one shown in the image.

  • 3- Share your key fob photo with us by whatsapp to get an idea of the value of your key fobs.